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5 Ways Summer Weather Can Damage Your House


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5 Ways Summer Weather Can Damage Your House

Summer is a time for vacations and fun, but it can also bring hidden dangers to your home. While we often worry about winter weather, summer can also cause significant damage. Here are five ways the summer weather can affect your house and how to prevent it.

Home Roof Summer Heat Damage NJ1. Roof Damage

The intense heat of summer can cause significant damage to your roof, though it’s not as immediately noticeable as winter damage. Over time, high temperatures can lead to subtle but serious structural issues. It’s essential to regularly inspect your roof for any signs of wear and tear.

If your home has an attic, you know how hot it can get during the day. Poor ventilation in attics can trap heat and humidity, causing shingles to deteriorate faster. Ensure your air ducts and ventilation systems are well-maintained to prevent excessive attic heat. In hot or humid areas, consider sealing or coating your roof to protect it from moisture and sunlight.

2. Foundation Issues

Your home’s foundation relies on the surrounding soil for support. In summer, the heat can dry out the soil, causing it to shrink and separate from the footing, potentially damaging the foundation. To prevent this, maintain consistent moisture levels around your foundation using a sprinkler system. Avoid planting large trees close to your house, as they can draw moisture from the soil during dry periods.

3. Hardwood Floor Damage

Summer weather can also damage your hardwood floors. High temperatures and humidity cause the wood to expand and swell. Prolonged humidity can lead to cracks and permanent damage. Installing whole-home dehumidifiers can help regulate humidity levels and protect your floors. Run your air conditioner as soon as the humidity rises, and use minimal water when cleaning your floors.

4. Damage to Furniture and Décor

Humidity and temperature changes can affect your furniture and décor. Wooden items like antique tables, picture frames, and armchairs can expand and contract with the humidity. Artwork and paintings are also vulnerable to decay, flaking, and mold growth in humid conditions. Control the humidity inside your home to protect these items.

5. Plumbing Problems

Summer weather can also impact your plumbing. High water usage and improperly sealed pipes can lead to leaks or bursts. Regular maintenance checks by a plumber can help prevent blockages and other issues. Excessive drying can cause water lines to rupture or disconnect, so keep the soil around your home moist and well-maintained during hot months.


Summer’s heat and humidity can threaten your home’s structural integrity. Stay ahead of potential problems by having a professional inspect your home for vulnerabilities. Early detection and timely repairs can save you money in the long run.

Protect your investment by maintaining your air conditioning system to keep your home’s temperature and humidity at comfortable levels. Developing an eye for potential threats will help you save on long-term maintenance costs and ensure your home remains safe and sound.

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